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We are building the next generation of
empowered entrepreneurs with a heart.

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About b2Bpreneur

b2Bpreneur is a not-for-profit organization established based on the belief that parents and the community have a shared responsibility in raising financially and socially responsible children. It promotes entrepreneurial thinking through workshops and events that allow children to develop business sense, gain financial literacy, build social awareness, and learn practical life skills which help in character building.

b2Bpreneur provides an entrepreneurial program for young children and youth ages 6 to 29. It aims to develop well-rounded young entrepreneurs through its four pillars: financial literacy, arts in business , technology and innovation and social ecology, as well as leadership training and character building, which b2Bpreneur uses to build the foundation of a strong entrepreneur.

Mission Statement

To provide children and youth a platform to learn about entrepreneurship through workshops, business fairs, skills development, mentorship, and networking opportunities, while being mindful of our responsibility to Mother Nature and the community.

Collaborative Work

b2Bpreneur believes that entrepreneurship is a critical skill that must be nurtured at a young age in order for children to thrive in the real world.  With the scarcity of entrepreneurship programs for young children, b2Bpreneur bridges the gap by providing events and workshops that will build financial literacy and social awareness among children and youth ages 6-29.

In collaboration with community mobilizers, corporations, local businesses and organizations, b2Bpreneur will be able to transform the future of our children…one community at a time.

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